Steve Bunyan

digital marketer and author

Steve Bunyan

Digital Marketer and Author

Hello, I'm Steve Bunyan. I'm a British digital marketer and author of self-help books.


I live in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I've been passionate about self-improvement for almost 40 years.


My mission is “to empower people all over the world; people like you, to improve their own lives.”

What I Do

  • Writing

    The focus of my writing is the non-fiction, self-help genre. I write all my own books eBooks and newsletters, based upon my own life experience and knowledge.

  • Publishing

    I publish all my materials myself. It's easy. Anyone can do it.

  • Marketing

    I have a background in digital marketing, so I do all of the work involved in that myself too.

My Books

These are my latest books


What my readers are saying...

Easy, but rich to read


I like how the simple format makes the content easy to digest, even though it's simple you get a lot from it. My favourite truths are 11 & 47.

Brandon Thomas

Believe in "You" !!!


Having read all four books from the "You" collection, I have to take my hat off to the author. On a daily basis I look for the good in others. The positives. Having read these books, I now look for the same in myself and refer back to the books for daily inspiration for a positive mind, A fantastic compilation. Highly recommended even for the not so eager reader.

Teresa Lees

Straight to the core of our doubts and fears

The third in the series. Another 100 nuggets that are at the heart of the human psyche. Take time to digest these verbal treasures and wait for the cogs to start turning. Challenging, enlightening and delightful.

Carl Peach

Read Them Yourself

Each book contains 100 Truths About You

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